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Whatsapp Web Messenger is the most wanted thing by the youngsters since they need to log into their Whatsapp through the desktop so that they can continue their chatting from the laptop or desktops itself. Whatsapp login online is made easy by the online website of the Whatsapp. Login to the Whatsapp may look as a simple step but it is not. It has a lot of steps before logging into it. Let’s check out all these steps one by one. If you are new here then trust us we can easily guide you to create a new Whatsapp online account and login to your Whatsapp Web account using the phone number or mobile number.

Whatsapp Web Messenger

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Login to Whatsapp web messenger requires you to already install the Whatsapp app in your smart phone. Without you doing that you cannot open your Whatsapp Web account. Whatsapp is a great chatting application and it also some amazing features that you have never thought of. The Whatsapp online app has many security features that will prevent others from reading your messages online. It has a strong encryption system of 256 bit encryption that prevents the intruders. The encrypted messages alone pass through the network and no one can easily sniff the packets to read the text.

You can easily login whatsapp here using the link available. You can just start using whatsapp right from the desktop.

Whatsapp Web Messenger is a well-known mobile app that is very famous among all the smartphone users nowadays. This app rose to fame quickly because of the reason it can cut your cost for SMS for sending messages to your friends. Whatsapp messenger is an awesome app that is simply a cross platform and available to all of the smartphone brands users namely Samsung, Blackberry, Android , Nokia and Windows phone. This app does not cost you a penny because it doesn’t depend on your network carrier. It just need your WiFi to send the message. Also the Whatsapp app has introduced the new call feature. With makes you to call your buddies with the help of WiFi only and no data connection.

Not only these facilities, Whatsapp users also can create a whatsapp group where they can share all their views in common they don’t want to say those things to everyone one by one. They can share the message in bulk. Whatsapp was originally created by two members and later it was acquired by Facebook Inc.

The most important that has ever happened to the Whatsapp is that they made the web version of the Whatsapp available to the users. Now the users can chat in the whatsapp messenger withut the use of their smartphone. Although they can use Whatsapp Without Mobile in the Web they need their phone first to start doing it. This concept of the Whatsapp desktop or Whatsapp online is known as the whatsapp web. Wats app on web etc.

Now adays nearly more than 1 billion users are on whatsapp web .com which is one of the most used messaging service in the world. Also now you can just connect your mobile phone and whatsapp in the web browser. This website is beautifully designed and made simple to easily work with whatsapp online users.

Whatsappweb is one of the most used app online. Now let’s check out some of the features of web.wasap the engineers are working hard to provide the best experience ever to you. Below are the ways to log into the Whatsapp Web. Follow all the below steps to use whatsapp web.

Follow the below steps to login in Whatsapp Web.

  • First of all you need to go to the web.whatsapp.com website to login Whatsapp.
  • Initially when the website is launched the web whatsapp supported only the Chrome users. But now it supports both the mozilla and opera users too.
  • On opening the Whatsapp web you will get a QR Code to scan with your mobile.
  • Wait a minute don’t use a QR Scanner to scan the QR shown in the Whatsapp website.
  • Take out your mobile phone and open whatsapp. Now move to settings. (Refer the below picture)
  • There you will get an option Whatsapp web. Choose it. Now the QR Scanner will be opened automatically.
  • Scan the QR code in the Website using the Whatsapp Scanner. Now you will see the Whatsapp web connecting with Online Whatsapp.
  • The important thing that is to be remembered is that your mobile must be kept connected to the network all the time you use Whatsapp Web Else the connection will be lost.
  • Now you will get the same interface that you will get when opening the Web Whatsapp.

Hope you get connected with the Web Whatsapp. Whatsapp web is one of the best ever thing that has been done to develop Whatsapp online. Any Doubts? Don’t forget to ping us.

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