Whatsapp Web QR Code

Scan Whatsapp Web QR Code

Whatsapp is undoubtedly the best free text messenger service that you have ever heard of. It is mainly used for chatting and transfer of the videos and audio files with ease. The main drawback of the Whatsapp was it does not have any awesome features that could attract many users towards the desktop version. Now recently they have launched the standalone desktop app that you can install in your PC to access the Whatsapp with ease.

But not exactly you can use the Whatsapp app standalone. You still need to connect the mobile Whatsapp to the internet in order for the standalone Whatsapp to work. It’s really painful. But unlike the previous version web.whatsapp.com it is not that slow when using it. Now let’s get to the point. May it be the standalone version or the web version it requires the QR code to be scanned in order to identify your personal Whatsapp.

Whenever you try to connect with your whatsapp the QR code gets displayed and you need to scan that QR code inorder to connect to your Whatsapp through your PC.

The below is the sample QR code that you will get in order to connect to the web whatsapp. Open your whatsapp. Now follow the below sequence of steps.

  • After opening Whatsapp now look for the settings option.
  • Now tap the settings option and open it. Now you will get the series of whatsapp settings.
  • Among that you could see an option called Whatsapp Web/Desktop.
  • Select that option. Now you will get a screen as shown below.
  • If you are not getting a screen as above and getting a screen as below then probably you have already connected to Whatsapp web.
  • If not then continue reading. Now you will be asked to provide access to your camera.
  • Don’t worry its safe. It will just use your camera to scan the QR code and it’s absolutely safe. It won’t post any of the picture online.
  • Now take your phone and scan the displayed QR code with your scanner.
  • Now without doing anything the screen automatically gets connected to your whatsapp profile.

Wow. That’s it you have successfully connected to whatsapp online. Now you can read and send messages online.

But the main condition to remember is that you need to keep your mobile online. Keeping it disconnected may leave you disconnect from Whatsapp.

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